Terms & Conditions

By becoming our User, you are obliged not to violate the following conditions and please read the Terms of Service before creating a User account.

The Crystal Palace website is committed to providing FAIR PLAY to its customers. All our players will be monitored and will have simultaneous access from one location and strict action against Conspiracy and Fraud. By accepting the Terms of Site, you agree not to participate in unfair game components that may give you and other players an advantage.

No two players from the same location (same IP address) can play at the same table. In this case, the Access to the Account will be automatically restricted.
Crystal Palace has the right to take immediate action against players who make money through cheating. These include: Temporarily closing the account, canceling the transaction, and so on.
Depositing large amounts of money into a gaming account without playing is also a violation of the Terms of Service and is considered money laundering.
It is forbidden to open more than one account in the same username. Crystal Palace reserves the right to close or deactivate any Account suspected of being a duplicate Account.
Our activities are for adults only (over 18 years of age) and will restrict the right to Service, which is considered to be a Minor Proven and Suspicious Account.


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